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The way your represent your company through your image can directly effect your sales. Although all of us were taught that we should not judge a book by its cover, this is exactly what we as customers do. This is why every business should carefully consider the impression that their image portrays to current and new customers.

Think about the times when you have gone out to eat at a chinese or other restaurant. What do you feel and think when the restaurant you are contemplating eating at is dirty and disorganized? You think, if their presentation and image is poor, then I am sure the food will be poor as well..... and often times you are right! Your potential clients will get this same feeling about your business if your stationary and other corporate material is poorly designed.


Keeping Your Image Fresh Impacts Sales

We have all seen too many companies that have material that has not been updated in years or that have the common poorly designed image that is usually slapped together in house. Don't be found with an image that is weak, let Quist Designs develop a professional image for your company so that you wont loose business from clients who are not impressed with your brand.