Copywriting & Content



Professional Copywriting Makes The Difference!

When you are in the process of getting a professional sales website built you are going to need to produce text content. The fancy word we use for this is "sales copy". You can decide to write the copy yourself or hire a copywriter to do it. We have found that our clients do not have time to write copy for their marketing material, so we have added high quality copywriters to our team. Our

Professional copywriting is what makes the difference between a good marketing piece and a bad one. You can have the very best graphics in the world, but if your marketing tools do not contain great sales copy that convinces your potential clients that you have the very best product or service they are looking for, then your marketing efforts are worthless.


Copywriting with a Search Engine "SEO" Focus

The most important thing that needs to be focused on when developing your website's sales copy is using keywords within your pages that are commonly searched for in your industry. This is a delicate art because if you choose the wrong keywords, you will attract the wrong traffic or no traffic at all. If you talk to the search engines too much, you will loose the attention of your audience. If you talk to the customer too much, you may not get any traffic at all.

Writing copy that is search engine friendly and powerfully persuasive is skill that we have mastered at Quist Marketing!