Logos, Naming & Tagline


Logos, Naming & Timeline

The core piece on all your marketing efforts is your logo. Your companies logo is the first place where prospects will have contact with your company. If your logo is out of date or poorly constructed then you can be sure that you will loose business from your prospects or target audience. Many times an innovative and intriguing logo is what will make your prospects interested enough in your company to want to do business with you or at least find out what it is you do.

Quist Designs takes logo design very seriously. Our approach is to create fresh, innovative logos for our clients that establish branding identity, capture the attention of your target audience and tell the story of your business. WE ARE NOT a "fast food" fast Internet logo company. Yes many of the Internet logo companies are cheap and quick. But just as junk food has a devastating effect on your health, so a poorly designed "fast food logo" will have a disastrous effect on your brand and companies marketing efforts.


Our Process

We will begin by asking you a series of questions to learn more about your company, what you do, what is your mission plan, who is your target market and are your goals etc... From here we will discuss what kind of logo package fits your needs.