Search Engine Marketing


Search engine marketing has replaced phone book advertising

Over the last decade many businesses that offer local products and services have found that phone book advertising does not work as an effective advertising investment anymore.

This is because we are in an information age that allows people to access any info they need through their smartphones.

Now-a-days, when people are looking for a new product or service, they go to the search engines to find it in seconds. In fact, studies show that 80% of customers that are looking for a new product or services go to the search engines to find their need.

That being said, from a marketing standpoint it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for your business to achieve top rankings and keep top rankings in the search engines for the keywords and locations that your customers are searching for.


So how do I get top rankings?

This can only be done by hiring a search engine optimization expert to work on your website rankings consistently. Having top search engine rankings can rapidly grow your business.

Over the last decade, we at Quist Marketing have perfected many businesses search engine marketing and we have seen their businesses drastically grow.

Contact us and ask us what we can do to grow your business.