Responsive Web Design


What is responsive website design?

Having a website that is responsive means that it is uniquely designed and coded to display correctly on many different platforms such as many types of smart phones and tablets. So when people access your website on various sized technology, the website's size changes automatically to give the visitor of your site a better user experience. Websites that are responsive take more time to think through and develop in order to make your website more appealing to those viewing your site in small, medium, large and extra large platforms.


Why responsive website design?

Without a doubt, having a website that works well on many different technological platforms is a must have in today's web world. This is because recent studies have shown that with the next 5 years over 50% of all internet browsing will be done on smart phones and Tablets. So if your website does not work well on many platforms, then you will be loosing a lot of traffic & business.


The search engines favor responsive design

Also have a website that has responsive design will rank higher in the search engines because search engines favor website that have a modern user experience. Also, if your site is responsive, then customers browsing on their smart phone will most likely click through your content, so your Click through rate (CTR) will be higher, thus increase your search rankings.