Digital marketing can be both complex and effective. There are many strategies and tactics that can be turned on and off instantaneously. Unfortunately this flexibility leaves many businesses shooting from the hip, trying random tactics and throwing in the towel when they don't work.

We have a focused approach to each challenge. Starting with the end objective, we reverse engineer and resource the most effective strategy and tactic to implement.

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Over the last decade many businesses that offer local products and services have found that phone book advertising does not work as an effective advertising investment anymore. This is because we are in an information age that allows people to access any info they need through their smartphones.

Today, when people are looking for a new product or service, they go to the search engines to find it in seconds. In fact, studies show that 80%+ of customers that are looking for a new product or service go to the search engines to find their need.

That being said, from a marketing standpoint it is ABSOLUTELY CRITICAL for your business to achieve top rankings and keep top rankings in the search engines for the keywords and locations that your customers are searching for.

So, how do I get top rankings?

This can only be done by hiring a search engine optimization expert to work on your website rankings consistently. Having top search engine rankings can rapidly grow your business.

Over the last decade, we at Quist Marketing have perfected many businesses search engine marketing and we have seen their businesses drastically grow.

Contact us and ask us what we can do to grow your business.

Social Media

The power of social media.

Internet Marketers can not emphasis enough just how important Social Media is for every industry! Social Media is “Word of mouth marketing on steroids”. Your company's social media should intrigue & engage your audience & show them your brand (company offerings) in the best light.

The amount of exposure & sales social media advertising can generate (granted you know what you're doing) is fantastic!. This is why social media needs to be a part of every company's internet marketing game plan.

Why is social media so important?.

91% of adults are signed up for social media & many spend hours on it daily. Most of the population's of the US and world are addicted to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Blogger & Linked-in and have non-stop contact with these sites via smartphones and tablets.It is a “MARKETING MUST” to get fresh info about your company in front of your target audience in these social media arena's on a consistent basis. In fact, now-a-days, customers actually demand it!

Overall, the name of the game in marketing and advertising is to get your companies offerings in front of people where they spend time on a day to day basis. Nothing does this better than social media marketing and advertising.

Are you intimidated about how to build a powerful social media marketing game plan for your business? No problem! We are experts in the industry and we would be glad to help your company come up with an effective social media strategy!.

Reputation Management

Reputation management establishes a positive, sustainable search profile. Our reputation management experts map out your search landscape and develop a strategy to help resolve your current issue. We also establish a process that increases positive reviews and decreases negative comments. Contact us today and hear how we deliver long-term success leading to real ROI.

Emails Articles & Case Studies

Inbound Marketing is when you create quality content online and it attracts your audience "IN". Google and other search engines are continually crawling the internet to help solve the search query for their user. If you are seen by Google as an authority on a topic you will gain favor with better rankings. The content must be appropriate, quality and help solve a problem to Googles users. Inbound Marketing is by far produced the highest / longest return on your marketing investment.

OutBound Marketing is when you are reaching "OUT" to your target audience. This can be email, banner ads etc. This is also known as interruption marketing. Over the last 10 year we've seen this tactic show less and less results. The consumer is smart which is why 90%+ go first to a search engine to solve their problem. The only exception to this is paid advertising. With paid advertising we have the ability to laser target the exact person with a solution. This tactic is highly effective when done properly.