Kingdom Contracting


When a new exterior contracting start up contacted us needing help we knew just what to do. We had a blank sheet and this is where we really shine. Our senior team promptly executed a client audit shaping up the details to help them build a solid marketing plan with the strategies and tactics for execution.


Brand, Strategy and Tactics for a start up company


We started with a clean slate. The challenge was refining the Brand until it was approved. From there everything came together like clockwork.


Research, research and a little more research. Once we dialed in on a concept and color combination we got to work. The client was presented several concepts to choose from.


Over the years, we've developed branding for many companies. The execution varies depending on the company and need. Not only did we create the brand but developed a sales website and various marketing support pieces.


The brand for Kingdom Exterior Contracting was well received by the target audience. The colors and design resonated with the right feeling. The client was very satisfied with the end product.