MN Plumbing & Home Services


This rebrand project is from one of our Legacy customers. We have worked with MN Plumbing & Home Services for over a decade. The previous brand needed to be replaced because it was seriously dated.

We spent several months planning and executing this updated brand. It was not only well received by the client but the customers loved it too!


The brand for MN Plumbing and Appliance Installation was in desperate need of an update. The company had plans to change the name to encompass more of the services that they provide. We decided upon "MN Plumbing & Home Services"


The previous brand had years of exposure which translates to equity. The audience became familiar with it so we needed to keep as much of that "brand equity as possible.


We presented several logo designs as well as color combinations. We tested the logos and colors and there was an obvious choice. Our research confirmed the color combination of the blue and brighter green would be a good fit. The design was a hit!


The rebrand was well received and will last for years to come. Since the launch we have had MANY compliments and more importantly stronger brand recognition.